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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ordinary, Extraordinary Stanley Turns Five!

I remember the day I found him. "He's the runt." I wanted a not too large dog with plans for him to be a therapy dog, working in schools with me.
I found him, then let him go. Having a puppy six weeks after my dad died just seemed like way too much stress. Jeff offered to hold him until I was ready. He needed to be in a home sharing his puppy love and learning how to be with a family. If he's to be with me, he'll be there when I am ready. He waited for three weeks. Nobody wanted Stanley, except for me. I was truly blessed with the beast.
The ninety pound runt, Stanley loves people, especially kids. He has served students in nine schools over four years. Stanley has served as a read-aloud dog in the local library for two seasons. Stanley has inspired many manuscripts. Happy 5th Birthday Stanley my ordinary, extraordinary pal!

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