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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Has Anybody Seen My Goals?

The simple word goal is the current buzzword with my writer and illustrator groups. Goals either are met or not. January 1st, do you have a goal yet for 2010? How about 2 or 3? What about categories of goals?

Today, I decided to look at my 2009 goals. I know I met a few. If you have to look for your goals, what are you admitting to? I looked in my old emails, old computer files, and my filed items in my studio, and the never ending “to be” filed pile. No Luck.

One aspect of my buy-the–dog-kibble job is to teach kids how to set goals, work at them and meet them. I monitor kids goals every grading period. It seems so simple in the system, time orientated life during a school year. My supervisor would be laughing knowing I was blogging about loosing my goals.

What’s a creative soul to do? I could waste more time looking for my old goals, set new goals only to lost in the shuffle of life, or get busy and create. I choose create.

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