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Friday, February 19, 2010

Serenity Now, Maybe Not

I went to my studio, a typical Friday.  I write. I illustrate.  I work on submitting my work.

Something was quite different today.  I looked around.  OMG   Where am I?  Who has been in here messing with my stuff?  I started to feel violated.  What reality am I in, a parallel universe?  There were things I did not recognize.  There were things out of place.  My 2009 goals that I searched for and never found were pinned on my bulletin board.  I was feeling a little dazed and confused as I documented my most recent rejections letters, two from the same editor regarding the same manuscript. 

As I straightened up my disheveled bookshelf, I found a clue, a tiny (1.5” long) tube of toothpaste, made in Japan!  It would maybe give you one brushing, 2 if you were very careful.  It was so cute!  Odd.  Tiny toothpaste on a bookshelf in a children’s book author/illustrators' studio is just bizarre.  How did it get here?  Who has been in my studio and left  me a dolly sized dental product, un –opened, safety sealed?

to be continued….

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