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Monday, March 15, 2010

Wee Little People


            I’ve been working on the mystery of the dolly sized dental product.  Remember, I found in my disheveled studio several weeks ago?  I set traps.  I stayed up late to see if I could detect any nighttime activity.  I placed Abby & Stanley on doggie guard duty while I was at school during the day.   Nothing that I could see happened.
I asked myself who would be using such a tiny tube of toothpaste?  I did some research in a most excellent book Finding Fairies, Secrets for Attracting Little People from Around the World by Marianne Monson-Burton & Michelle Roehm McCann, illustrated by David Hohn.  This book is amazingly packed with information like how to attract fairies on every continent!  What it did not say is that once you create a fairy character, you are forever risking placing yourself at the mercy of the “little people”.   
I figured  it out , my wee friend McCully, the young Irish fairy, a member of SSA. (Sock Stealers Anonymous)  I set a trap.  The next day, my trap was propped up with …….

to be continued….

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