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Saturday, May 21, 2011

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Got a new idea?

Chew on it for awhile.  Do not over think it.  

What's the difference?  Chewing on it like a piece of hide is easy and satisfying like brainstorming, you just let anything that pops into you head be there. It is creative.  Over thinking is inserting thoughts in that can create barriers to allowing creativity to flow.  Over thinking involves words and thoughts like "what if", "that would be impossible", "sounds silly" or wondering what and how the world outside you might interact with your idea.

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Shyxter said...

Hi Diane. You are so right about that. When an idea comes, you should just let it flow through your mind freely and wait patiently for that idea to be complete. Creativity always comes with spontaneity. If you think really hard on it, you're be like forcing it to happen. I like to think that having an idea is like having grains of sand on your palm. If you hold them to tight, they all fall down. But if you just open your hand and hold them freely, they stay =)