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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Highlights Chautauqua Day 3

Day 3, Monday

        Our morning started out with a fantastic talk by Peter Jacobi who led us down the yellow brick road to OZ where we were encouraged to find our brain to think and create, our heart to follow, our courage to keep on plugging along, and our spirit to dream. Peter spun his lifetime of wisdom, humor, and compassion into a magical and inspirational talk which received a standing ovation.

         Next, I unexpectedly found myself in front to the amphitheater where the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts gave a speech to all of Chautauqua. He was interrupted by a Flash Mob from the Chautauqua Opera Company which sang a variety of opera and songs starting with Mr. Chairman’s own Toni winning play. I could not resist and stayed for the whole speech which also got a standing ovation for the Flash Mob and the lecture. As a Commissioner for Arts and Culture for GJ, I walked away satisfied that we are moving in the right direction as a community expanding the arts and arts education on the West Slope of Colorado.

       My afternoon was filled with lunch with the sr. art director from Highlights, Robin Gourley and three workshops ranging from learning more about dialogue from Mitali Perkins, editing from Andy Gutelle, and nonfiction writing from Sneed Collard.

         Tonight, after sharing a dinner table with Andy Boyles, science editor for Highlights and Boyd Mills Press and Julie Agnone, vp of National Geographic for Kids, I am awe struck as I try and reflect back. Each and every one of these encounters left me with inspiration, knowledge, and hope from examining myself and my creativity as well as looking at the world we live in and create for children.

            Hot, tired, and satisfied for the night, I wonder what nighttime dreams I will have as I integrate this marvelous day down the yellow brick road.

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