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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Self-Editing, the Andy Way * Part Three

As we continue with the self-editing process, Andy suggests that you go into your document, save it as a copy and change the font.  I did this, and it worked great. 

Choose a font you are not use to typing in or reading. Print it off and read it through, again.  

Same story, different font is like the same image with a different style or look. It changes the way we see something and allows us to look at it differently.  Sometimes it shows us the major flaws. Lets look at this past weeks Harvest Moon to illuminate this point.

It is time to ask some serious questions.  They are not in a specific order. Feel free to rearrange them. Remember, editing is the craft part of writing and you have to question everything, or not.  Someone will ask the questions. Who do you prefer asking the hard questions?

   Are your ideas clear and logical?

   Does the story make sense?
   Are all scenes required?
   Is the sequence still logical?
 Are there gaps that need to be filled?
   Are there unneeded or repetitive scenes that fail to advance the plot?
Are there unneeded or repetitive scenes that fail to develop the character?
   Are your character’s motives and actions clear?

   Do all actions provide insight into the character?
               Have you given the necessary background?
                 Is your character or their actions repetitive with another character?
                   Is the writing suitable for the audience/reader?

           Is the main theme expressed well?
                Is it lively and interesting?
                  Is there too much showing before a critical moment? 

I think that will keep you busy for a bit.  Check back for part four of my five part series.


Mirka Breen said...

The idea to change the font is wonderful. Anything that will shake us to SEE again.
Great post, Diane. Thank you for sharing.

Tina said...

Thanks, Diane! Great questions to ask. I have tried enlarging the font before to see what it might look like in an actual book, and it does make a difference in perspective!

rebecca @ altared spaces said...

This is just phenomenally helpful. Something as simple as changing the font! Oh my! Yes! And new problems will just wave their hand at me when I wasn't even able to see them before. I love you! Thanks!