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Thursday, December 24, 2009


The icy fingers of Silver Creek grasp the last breath of Fall as it flows into the pool below. Canyon Trail Closed. Dangerous Conditions.

The media reports extreme weather. Beware!
The drama of the media never ceases to amaze me. When did we go from what was once normal to extreme? Are my black and white childhood photos manipulated with Photoshop or is that me standing next to the huge snow drifts all bundled up looking like a small version of the Michelin Man.

Winter is a season. It has a purpose. The indigenous people knew this. Winter was a time to physically and psychologically be inside, a time to reflect, and plan for the next season. It was a time to sleep, to dream big and take advantage to the shorter day light.

Enjoy this Winter season. Dream your biggest dream. Spring will soon arrive with creation on its' doorstep.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ordinary, Extraordinary Stanley Turns Five!

I remember the day I found him. "He's the runt." I wanted a not too large dog with plans for him to be a therapy dog, working in schools with me.
I found him, then let him go. Having a puppy six weeks after my dad died just seemed like way too much stress. Jeff offered to hold him until I was ready. He needed to be in a home sharing his puppy love and learning how to be with a family. If he's to be with me, he'll be there when I am ready. He waited for three weeks. Nobody wanted Stanley, except for me. I was truly blessed with the beast.
The ninety pound runt, Stanley loves people, especially kids. He has served students in nine schools over four years. Stanley has served as a read-aloud dog in the local library for two seasons. Stanley has inspired many manuscripts. Happy 5th Birthday Stanley my ordinary, extraordinary pal!