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Friday, September 24, 2010


Standing under the waxing Harvest Moon on Monument Mesa, Diana called to my soul.   Do you remember the year I was eclipsed?  The crossroads?  The infinite possibilities?  I smiled.

She reminded me of a leap, not of faith, but of knowing.  What holds you back now, says she?  

Sometimes change unravels your life's tapestry to create a crossroad to new potential outcomes.

Check back to see what blog this Harvest Moon conspired to create.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


        As a counselor, I am always helping others work through change.  As an author, I strive to make my characters change and have it be authentic.  For me, one would think that change would be easy.

       The reality is some days it is, some days not so much.  Moving from a green, temperate rain forest at sea level to the cold desert at 4600 feet, leaving work/community, and friends that feel like home to no work/school/children/teachers and being on unemployment, a completely new community and one local friend is like putting yourself and life into a blender and hitting frappe.  The word pulverized comes to mind.  Everything about my life has been remade into something that does not quite look or feel the same, with the exception of my incredible husband and dogs.

     The positive side of this temporary situation is that everything feels new and alive.  For example, I volunteered to be the first of my critique group to put out a new manuscript for our  group for fall.  I wrote  crickets' desert lullaby.   I am getting to know crickets and be lulled to sleep by them.   Today, we went to the Grand Mesa, a flat top mountain with 300 lakes.  We saw green trees and lakes that were not artificially created through irrigation.  When we stood on the top, instead of missing the green of Oregon, I could see different landscapes in every direction just begging to be explored.  This is truly a gift for an author/illustrator/photographer.